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Best Place in Dehradun to Celebrate Birthday Party

Birthday parties in Dehradun are usually a blast for both the guests and the honoured guest. To pull off the ideal surprise birthday party, you'll need some secrets and a little double-dealing. We recommend Tree Cafe Restaurant in Dehradun for your wonderful birthday celebration. You may even organise a whole day of surprise getaways there. Along with that, we'll tell you why the location is regarded for being the ideal location for birthday celebrations.

Birthday parties

Tree Cafe Restaurant

Come relax at Tree Cafe Restaurant and enjoy some delectable beverages and meals. The place offers great relief from city’s sultry summer. You can see half of Dehradun city from here and enjoy everything, from the nice environment to the lovely décor to the comfortable sitting. Making a spectacular birthday celebration at Dehradun's Tree Cafe Restaurant can give you both goosebumps and thrills.


Sunset Point, Saura Dwara Near Rajiv Gandhi International Cricket Stadium, Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248008

Approximate cost:

There is no entry fee to this location. However, the pricing will be based on the food and services that are served. For birthday celebrations, you can even request custom packages.


It's party time, and you've got a lot of hungry mouths to feed. Here are some of the best birthday party recipes to feed your hungry guests. To check out the food Menu at Tree Cafe Restaurant visit-


These super-refreshing non-alcoholic beverages are characterised by their versatility. These drinks at the café go above and beyond, whether served as mocktails or with a splash of something extra for a cocktail.

Ambiance: Entering the café is like stepping into a zone of tranquility and magical grace, away from the hurry and bustle of everyday life. With its particular flair, this Dehradun café and restaurant seeks to honour you and your guests. For your birthday parties, the exquisite décor and fairy lights create a magnificent elegance. If you're bored of going shopping, asking people over to your house, going to a pub, and sweating it out on the dance floor to celebrate a birthday, then you should visit the aforementioned location. For your birthday party, the best option is to choose the nicest café and restaurant in Dehradun. This will allow you to enjoy music, a delectable array of food and beverages, as well as a relaxing atmosphere.

What else do you need for your birthday celebration?

For reservations and bookings, call 7906679830 or 7505888375, or visit website for more information