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Best cafe and restaurant in Dehradun

You are warmly welcomed to the Best cafe and restaurant in Dehradun

Feeling hungry? How about enjoying an appetizing dish with an impressive view on?

Feed your tummy some flavorful, seasoned and yummy recipe while soothing your eyes with elegance of nature’s beauty.

Hi and welcome to Tree Cafe & Restaurant. We are a Dehradun based cafe & restaurant offering scrumptious & luscious dishes of Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisine.

We are a perfect food set up for all those foodies looking to visit a multi-cooking feasting bistro and eatery in Dehradun.

Our Location

We are settled amidst the Himalayas where dusk seems so enjoyable. It is a beautiful location in Raipur that covers all nature’s goodness.

Having served 1000+ dynamic occasions with our multifaceted services made us one of the prized cafe & restaurant in Dehradun.

Cordial Hospitality - We enjoy making you feel good.

Tree Cafe & Restaurant is simply a heaven for all foodies and travellers looking for great food and a striking stay facing a breathtaking scene while budgeting their affordability.

What makes us stand out?

cordon bleu - We offer the highest quality of food in the area. And our chefs are experienced and skilful.

Among those big names in Dehradun, we are a unique “Cafe & Restaurant'' setup with experienced chefs serving international flavors and cuisines. Plus, our location is another advantage providing visitors a stunning view of hill sight releasing fresh air to breath.

Our gourmet cooks knack cookery. They have worked for renowned brands internationally and achieved par-excellence at preparing relishable food. Being so keen at cooking they innovate a new recipe every month for you to try on.

Tree Cafe Restaurant - The Best cafe and restaurant in Dehradun

It is the place where you witness a beautiful Sunset view while enjoying your favourite meal. Here you get a chance to relax yourself under warm shaded mind-set lights, while comforting on a deep-cushioned sofa.

It is the high time you should visit Tree cafe & Restaurant and feed not just the tummy, but your soul.

What occasions do we serve at?

Birthday Events

We all love our birthdays It is the time our loved once surprise us with beautiful presents and

Unexpected treats. Let all know that you would like to visit Tree Cafe & Restaurant on your coming Birthday.

How do we make your natal day special?

At Tree, you enjoy every moment as we prepare the setup with elegant lights and sounds.

Our decorations include high usage of graphics that are just appealing and delightful.

Severa playful events to keep you engaged throughout the celebration.

Catering That Suits you Best

When it is your birthday, the treat is on you. We just make the task easy for you. Enjoy luscious, delicate and tempting meals without paying hefty bucks (affordable rates). Trust us, our catering service is the best in the town.

Mince around - Dance at your favourite song or let the DJ rock the party.

Are you planning a Staycation?

Can't afford to go out because of the budget? Well your pocket should not stop you from enjoying delicious food while you are enjoying your break at home town only. Tree cafe restaurant in Dehradun is a place where you can avail superb quality fun and food that fits your wallet well.

Special Party & More

Hmm...So you are some enthusiastic, exuberant teenagers looking for raw fun and great food or you guys are accomplished youth who want to celebrate their achievements at a calm place. At Tree, you get the best of both worlds, as we offer global taste (Indian, CHinzie, Italian and more is waiting for your approval.), While the location itself is pristine and grand with great Himalayas and dusk appearing in the scene.

Enjoy food with sweet music - Always wanted to dance with your friends but never get a right place to show your moves? Here we offer you a stage to showcase your dancing skills and even if you are not that great with moves, try group dancing with your friends and family.

Catering Service for Business meetings

While an office provides you with a disciplined space to discuss important projects and plannings, Yet it lacks that comfort you enjoy at sites like Tree Cafe Restaurant.

Fresh Place-Fresh Ideas - WHile you debate the best strategy for your business, we serve you the best patter and let you enjoy the scenic view of the Himalayas.

Special Occasion Dining

There are times when you don’t prefer eating at home. Breaking your usual routine, you enter our joint to enjoy dining with your loved one. Surpassing your expectations we deliver a flavorful, savoury and finger-licking banquet. Would you mind trying our Dinner Buffet with your friends and family for once? We sure you won't!

Couple Friendly ambience

We support your love and privacy. At Tree, you can enjoy Quick bites whale gazing at the pristine beauty of nature without worrying about your privacy.

Make your love ever sweeter - Fulfill your sweet tooth with a delectable dessert in our menu while sipping frothed instant Coffee or tea.

Reservation At Ease

Book your table in advance to enjoy your hasslefree lounge at Tree. We offer on-call reservations for super busy individuals.

Did we mention our one of the best recipes? Well it will drool you over. Yes we are talking about our seasoned Fish Kabab - The smell and taste is just par. Do try it out.

A food palace - Enjoy beverages and heavenly food

Enjoy all your favourite meals at the best location in the town. Tree Cafe & Restaurant offers you an appetizing serve while you enjoy a panoramic landscape near Himalayas.

Relish Snacks, Baked edibles and other refreshments at Tree and enjoy your yummy moments in peace.